Umbilical Cord Facts – 5 Interesting Facts

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The umbilical cord is hardly given its due credit. While everyone notices it for a few minutes soon after birth, it is forgotten the very next minute like yesterday’s news. We all know what an umbilical cord is. It is the slippery-looking long cord that forms a connection between the placenta and baby during pregnancy. It facilitates the movement of nutrients and waste between the soon-to-be mommy and the fetus with the help of the placenta. Although umbilical cord was clamped immediately after birth earlier, recent recommendations state otherwise. It is now being suggested to wait for one to three minutes post the birth to clamp the cord.

Generally, people don’t know much about this amazing cord that ensures the exchange of goodies during pregnancy. Here, we bring you a few of these interesting facts:

1. The Cord Knot Happens

Your baby might do a lot of somersaults in your belly when he/she is tiny enough to roam around freely. In the process, he/she may play with the umbilical cord too. You may fear the umbilical cord getting wrapped around his/her neck, which might lead to further problems during delivery. However, more often than not, it is nothing to worry about. These knots, known as the nuchal cords, are pretty common. Nearly 12 percent of babies were born with it as per a 2018 study. More often than not, it is just a single loop and can be easily taken care of by the doctor at the time of birth.

2. The Cord Will Stop Working When Required

The environment inside an amniotic sac is properly temperature-regulated. While the baby is in the womb, the cord carries the oxygen-filled blood from the placenta to it. However, during birth, the blood flow changes causing it to circulate just inside the baby. Soon, the flow within the cord stops naturally, which would happen even if the cord isn’t clamped immediately. Once its work is done, the cord stops on its own.

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