Speedy Delivery: Mom Gives Birth in Hospital Parking Lot

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Professional birth photography is a growing niche, as more and more expectant mothers are hiring photographers to document the first first few moments of their new child’s life. Photographer Emily Robinson offers birth photography services, and is accustomed to photographing deliveries as they happen in hospitals and homes.

She recently found herself working her camera in a location that’s quite different from either of those two places: Emily Robinson captured a delivery in a hospital parking lot. Her beautiful photographs are now going viral online and gaining national attention.

The story actually involves three photographers. Emily Robinson was hired by South Florida Sun Sentinel photojournalist Amy Beth Cavaretta and her husband, photojournalist Joe Cavaretta, to document the delivery of Cavaretta’s second child last Friday.

Having learned that Cavaretta had a fast delivery of her first child, Robinson decided to journey with the couple from their house to the hospital as Cavaretta was going into labor.

When the time finally came, things went differently than planned. Cavaretta didn’t make it into Boca Raton Regional Hospital prior to giving birth. After a 25-minute car ride to the hospital, she met midwife Laurie Ross-Berke waiting for them outside and began walking in.

As she approached the parking lot’s sidewalk, she leaned up against a pillar and said, “The baby is coming out.” Her husband then fetched a wheelchair while Ross-Berke held the baby’s head between Cavaretta’s legs. Minutes later, 7-pound 4-ounce Sienna Grace Cavaretta entered the world.

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