Red radish, why is this vegetable good for children?

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Little child eating freshly picked up red radish, smiling mother looking on it - outdoor in garden

Rich in vitamins and minerals, red radish brings especially vitamin C and selenium which help in particular to boost the immune system. And he has many other assets.

All round, a little elongated or egg-shaped, the red radish is tinged with pink, red or is sometimes bicolour. Depending on the variety, it has more or less spiciness. Red radish crunches raw with a little butter and salt. It is also tasted lightly cooked with a drizzle of olive oil.

Magic associations

For a healthy aperitif: dip radishes in cottage cheese seasoned with herbs or spices or in guacamole.

Mix radishes and add a little butter, salt and pepper. That’s it, an amazing cream to serve on grilled toasts.

Steamed or pan-fried for a few minutes, you can serve them with grilled fish or poultry.

Pro tips

To keep the nice radish color , pour some lemon juice into the rinse water.

Do not discard the tops . Cook them in a pan or pan with a little oil. To serve with a meat. Or mix them in a velvety version. Delicious !

Do not cook radishes for too long, otherwise you will lose all their vitamins and colors.

Better to eat them the same day because radishes tend to become softened quickly.

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Did you know ? Contrary to what we think, the largest radishes are the least pungent. To privilege for the youngest ones.

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