Pregnant? 5 Tips Not To Gain Too Much Weight

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Pregnant? So, you should know that it is inevitable to gain weight during your pregnancy but you must however be careful not to overweight that is recommended.

Here are tips from a nutritionist to stay in shape and eat the right diet for you and your baby.


Don’t panic

Getting fat during pregnancy is completely normal, but weight gain varies from person to person. In all cases, most women do not keep more than 1.5 kg from childbirth. Only 15% of women remain 5 kg overweight a year after giving birth.

In addition, it can happen that the weight increases sharply from the seventh month due to the appearance of water retention. But then again, the pounds will be lost very quickly after delivery. So don’t panic, you will lose weight afterwards the pregnancy !

Have an adapted physical activity

Maintaining adequate physical activity can prevent excessive weight gain.

Pregnancy does not prevent you from continuing to practice a gentle sport such as walking, water aerobics, yoga or stretching.

A walk in the forest with the future father or a few lengths of swimming pool at your own pace, will do you the greatest good.

Concerning other sports activities or in case of twin pregnancy, ask your doctor for advice, he will be able to tell you which activities are contraindicated.

Focus on quality, not quantity

It’s always said that a pregnant woman should eat for two. This is not entirely true ! Above all, a pregnant woman should eat well.

A diet rich in fiber, protein and vitamins is essential for the good development of the fetus and for the well-being and health of the mother.

Pregnant, Avoid excessive sugar consumption

When we want to control our weight, we directly remove the sugar, and in particular the so-called “fast” sugars such as candies, chocolates, cookies, sugar cubes, etc.

Sorting in our delicacies cupboard is a good thing to do, provided you keep the fruit and 25 g of sugar per day, including, why not, a piece of

cookie or a small square of chocolate at the end of your meal when the urge is urgent.
But, if you can’t resist the chocolate and you eat the whole bar in a minute then avoid storing it. Or ask your sweetheart to hide the key at home and give you one square each day for you. Or replace the square of chocolate with a spoon of honey (It will be a better solution).

Indeed, if sweets are not necessary for pregnant women, carbohydrates, yes!

You need 270 g per day, You can find the carbohydrates in:

whole wheat bread
Whole grains
Gaining a lot of pregnant weight can scare expectant mothers who are worried about their weight loss after pregnancy.

The temptation to go on a diet can be great, but it is strongly advised against trying to lose weight or not gain weight.

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Watch out for mommyrexia (contraction of mommy = mom and anorexia) which would lead to deficiencies and which could deprive baby of essential nutrients for its growth.

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