My baby sweats a lot: what to do?

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How to explain that some baby tends to sweat in big drops … even though it is not (too) hot? How to react as a mom? The explanations of Edwige Antier, pediatrician and author of many books including “raising my child today” (Robert Laffont).

Baby sweats: a typical phenomenon in infants

“The small thermostat that helps regulate the internal temperature is not yet mature in babies,” explains Edwige Antier. It is often the head that sweats the most because its volume is proportionally greater than that of the adult.

Babies often have waves of sweating, especially when they provide effort as during feeding. “And nature being well done, the small droplets that form have a well-defined role:” It comes from the nervous system that controls the activity of sweat glands. Small drops of perspiration ensure that the baby is not too hot. ”

Baby sweats: how to help him regulate his temperature?

The internal “thermostat” does not play its role yet, infants are very dependent on the heat provided by the effort and outside temperatures. As a result, they are easy too hot or too cold. “Do not hesitate to plan several layers of clothing, especially at night, where the baby’s temperature varies a lot.

You can then remove a small vest, or add it if needed. Also be careful with his head, when you go out: the little cap is required as soon as the temperatures are a little cool because your baby is cooling much faster than you. Finally, do not worry, a baby who sweats a lot will not necessarily be an adult subject to excessive sweating, “said the pediatrician.

Baby sweats: assumptions to eliminate

If in the vast majority of cases the sweating of a baby is a natural and normal process, you must nevertheless, to sleep with both ears, to dismiss two hypotheses:

– The first is a fever. If in doubt, be sure to check the temperature of your baby: a small one is considered feverish when its rectal temperature exceeds 38 ° C.

– The second is diabetes. If sweating can be a sign of diabetes, it is not enough in itself to “make a diagnosis”. On the other hand, if baby sweats, that he has regularly very thirsty, frequent and abundant urines, that it lose weight for no apparent reason, make the point quickly with his doctor.

Baby sweats: precautions to take

Dehydration occurs quickly in toddlers: be sure to drink regularly in case of sweating, to maintain a good rate of hydration.

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Change it as soon as his clothes are wet, to avoid irritation. Prefer cotton rather than synthetic materials. In case of strong heat, leave as much as possible in diapers or underpants when you are at home. Level shoes, open sandals rigor summer, and ideally two pairs in winter to alternate and give them time to dry well!

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