Interesting Activities For Two Month Old Baby: Yes, We’re Serious

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Those exhaustive months are almost over. Two months since your delivery, you must have recovered from physical exhaustion to an extent. Also, you and your little one are now acquainted with each other. You are comfortable attending to her chores, and feeding her. So, what next?

It is time to move to the next level. Wondering what it could be? Well, it is simple but effective. Introducing your little one to some activities, which have a long-term effect on her. Activities for 2-month-old baby? Yes. MomJunction helps you with a list of activities you and your baby can engage in.


Still surprised as to how a two-month baby can be active? You wouldn’t after we tell you about the milestones your baby could reach by two months.

Development Of Two-Month Baby

A two-month-old can turn to sides while lying on her back. She can move her hands and legs. She, however, needs support for her neck and head. The little one will begin to enjoy sounds and develop object recognition as well as hand-eye co-ordination. She starts communicating.

It is important to choose activities suitable for the baby’s development.

Activities For Two-Month-Old Baby

Here are some games and activities you can try.

1. Sing a lullaby

Skills learned: Listening, language

You will need: Just you and your baby

What to do: Hum and sing your favorite number for your little pie. Use varying dynamics in your voice as you sing. The baby tries to respond to your voice. She tries to concentrate while you sing. See if she is giving any cues in the form of facial expressions or movements to the varying pitches.

2. Wiggle a toy

Skills learned: Visual development, visual tracking

You will need: A small, bright-colored soft toy such as a stuffed animal or a sponge ball

What to do: Let your little one lie on a safe, flat surface. Take a soft toy and slowly bring it close to her from a distance. Move it from one side to the other so that the little one can follow it with her eyes. Gently wiggle or touch your baby with it to gain her attention.

3. Dance

Skills learned: Emotional development, bonding, listening skills

You will need: Music

What to do: Turn on the music! Carry your baby carefully against your chest and make cool moves. Move around in sync with the music. Experts believe that the activity helps the little one develop an interest in music and strengthen the bonding with parents.

4. Massage

Skills learned: Body awareness, bondin

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