How To Make Child Birth Easier In The Ninth Month

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With a big round belly, your last trimester of the pregnancy period can be very confusing and exciting at the same time. Although you are riddled with a number of health conditions, and people around you are constantly showering unwanted advice about this stage, it is important that you take note of a few things before you go into labor. This will ensure that you have an easy and comfortable delivery and take care of your little one.

It is important to be prepared mentally as well as physically and to be able to deal with the stress that comes during this time. There are a few things that can happen with you when you are approaching the due date.

Health Conditions That Are Normal During This Period

  • At this time, your constipation gets worse. Most of the nutrients that you eat are being absorbed by the baby, generating lesser disposable excess in your body.
  • You may need to exercise breathing at a regulated pace so that contractions become easier.
  • The rate of urination can increase significantly.
  • Sleeping will become difficult, owing to a number of factors. Anxiety, urination, heartburn, and movement of the baby are just some of the things that will make sleeping difficult.

What Can You Do To Ensure That You Have An Easy Labor?

Labour can be taxing on your body and mind unless you are prepared for it. These tiny steps might just come handy and give you an easy time during labor.

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  • Make friends with dates: Do you want to avoid medication to get into labor? Eat dates during your last month and see the difference. It helps in dilation and can help you stay in lesser labor hours. Dates contain an element that acts as the hormone oxytocin, which in turn helps in easy contractions.
  • Try and get more sleep: Going into labour for long hours can be very tiring for your mind and body. If you want to avoid it all costs, it is important that you take your time to sleep a little over seven hours in the day. You can take help of recliners and body pillows if that helps you in getting a good night’s sleep.
  • Strengthen your legs: What you need for an easy time in the labour room is to have an upright position, which helps your baby in moving easily. For that, you will need to have strength in your legs. Practice some strengthening exercises at home, during your ninth month. The best one for this purpose is squatting. Ask your doctor for advice on how to do squats during this period.
  • Practice deep breathing: Breathing in a calm and composed manner is very essential for your body and mind. Regulated breathing helps in easy contractions, which will not only help you throughout your ninth month but also ease out your labor. Stretching exercises and calm yoga poses can also contribute to an easy labor.

Do what helps you out to relax and stay calm. If you want to see a movie or take a dip in the swimming pool or even if you want to eat something specific, you should do that. Basically, anything that makes you feel relaxed during the pregnancy period is your best friend. Following these quick tips during the ninth month can help you have an easy time in the labor room.

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