Breastfeeding Techniques – Everything You Need To Know

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The football hold is ideal for a mother whose breasts are very large or who had a C-section. It is also a perfect position for premature babies or tiny babies as it gives excellent control for mother over the baby.

Here are the basic steps for this technique:

  • Place your baby so that her legs and body are beneath your arm and your hand at the base of the head and neck.
  • Place your palm below the breast and let your little one latch-on by pulling her in close. Hold your baby’s head with her chin and nose touching your breast.
  • When the baby latches on, the mother should make sure that her shoulders are in a relaxed state.

This position works well when:

  • You have undergone a C-section and want to hold your baby against the incision of the abdomen
  • Your breasts are large
  • You want to check in your baby latch-on
  • Your little one is restless and fussy
  • You have inverted nipples

4. Football hold For Twins:

If you are a mother of twin babies, you might want to feed them separately or simultaneously. If you wish to feed them simultaneously, you could try the clutch or ‘football hold’ to allow each infant to latch onto each breast.

Here are the basic steps for this technique:

  • With one baby in each of your arms, hold them while partially bending your elbow.
  • You can also place your babies on a pillow each.
  • Support their neck with your palm, let them incline towards your body.
  • Let your babies latch on and suckle.

This method is a good choice when:

  • You have undergone a C-section
  • Your breasts are large
  • You have a tiny baby
  • You have a forceful milk ejection reflex

5. Side Lying Position:

The side-lying position is best when the mother needs some rest while nursing her baby. It is a bit tricky, but once both the mother and her baby gets hang of it, it will become the most favorable position. It is best recommended for those who have undergone a c-section.

Here are the basic steps for this technique:

  • Position yourself and your infant towards side tummy to tummy.
  • Bend your upper leg and position your upper knee with pillows.
  • Lift your breast upward by placing fingers below and then take your baby close to latch-on.

This position is a good choice when:

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  • You need to lie flat after a C-section
  • You are facing discomfort while sitting due to hemorrhoid pain
  • You want to take a rest.

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