At what age can a child go to school alone?

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It’s been a while since your child wants you to go alone to school. You find it a little early … But it’s a sign that it’s time to start teaching him the dangers of the street.

Street safety education can be learned

Your little Julie is only talking about that: going to school alone. But you do not really agree. You know the street is dangerous for children. Every year, accidents are numerous, and most of them take place on the home-school trip. But it is certainly time to start her education in street safety … An apprenticeship that must be done gradually, and that she must fully integrate before making a trip alone.


Before 7 years old, a child can not go to school alone

Between 5 and 7 years, the child still misses the sounds: he is not really able to connect them to their source. In 40% of the cases, he is mistaken between a noise which comes from a front or from behind, or a noise coming from the right or left (80% of errors). Same thing for the development of his vision: it takes four seconds to perceive a car in motion, while it is only a quarter of a second to an adult. In addition, it still poorly assesses speeds and distances and struggles to predict a situation. Here again, his field of vision is not the same as that of the adult: 70 ° against 190 ° for us. In other words: if a car or motorbike rolls on its side, it will not see them.

Similarly, before the age of 7, a child does not have the capacity to ensure alone his safety on the street. But you can already teach him good reflexes and, little by little, “let go of the ballast”. From kindergarten, we teach him to cross the little green man and the crosswalks. That, he integrated well, provided, of course, to have a good example! If the child sees us constantly breaking the taboo, he will do it too.

A progressive learning of the dangers of the street

At age 5, you can stop giving him your hand on the sidewalk, explaining: “You’re big enough now, I trust you. But walk on the side of the houses, not on the side of the cars! At age 6, we let him go a little before the school gate if the street is long and safe.

Then you can comment on the course. Explain to him the b.a.-ba of the road by pointing out all the dangers (exit of parking, narrowing of the sidewalk, car badly parked, night falling …). The golden rules of the sidewalk? “You have to walk in the middle of the sidewalk. You have to watch the cars parked: a door can open suddenly and hurt you. When it seems “ready to go” to school alone (of course, in the absence of street to cross, and provided that the journey does not exceed ten minutes), it is up to you to ensure safety: limit the authorization for the moment to the home-school journey, and without balloon, scooter or rollers …

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