A Nurse’s Guide To Your Postpartum Body: 5 Things You Need To Know

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We know that you work hard on your body for most parts of the year. You do your occasional yoga and eat healthily. You keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water and keep your caffeine intake in check too. That is why the physical transformation that your body goes through during pregnancy surprises you. Of course, it can be really hard to believe how much your stomach and breasts can stretch during this phase. Has this made you wonder whether or not you will even go back to your original shape?

While you can surely get back to shape, it is not as easy as some of your favorite celebs may have made it out to be. Not only does it require a bit of an effort, but it also takes its own sweet time. So, here we bring you some things about the postpartum body that even your best girlfriends may not have warned you about:

1. You May Still Look Like You Have Been Pregnant For Six Months

You would have thought that your body will immediately spring back to its normal shape after your little one’s birth. But, you will be surprised to know that this might not happen. Think of it this way. Your uterus took nine months to become that big so it is natural for the body to take some time to contract back to its original size. So, hold on to your maternity clothes for at least six more weeks. Maybe, even longer. After all, they are the most comfortable piece of clothing ever and you won’t want to give them away!

2. Your Breasts May Even Become Bigger In Size

You may have to go grab some new bras off the market shelves since the size of the breasts can increase by one size or even two during pregnancy. Not only does this happen during the first trimester since the body develops fat stores, but it also happens later as the body begins to prepare itself for breastfeeding. So, if you are expecting for the size of your breasts to go down, chances are that it might not happen anytime soon.

3. Oh, That Bleeding

Whether you have a natural delivery or C-section, vaginal discharge and bleeding might follow. This is medically referred to as lochia. This helps the body get rid of extra tissues and blood in the uterus, which helps with the baby’s development. The bleeding might be pretty heavy in the initial few days after the birth of your munchkin. But, the heavy bleeding should gradually subside. If that doesn’t happen, do consult your doctor.

4. The Scars Of Battle

Contrary to what the advertisements would like you to believe, getting rid of the stretch marks may not be that easy. In fact, no matter how many creams you use, you can’t reverse it altogether. The stretch marks may fade away with time, but the best thing to do would be to embrace them. After all, these are your marks of motherhood, So, be proud of them!

5. Embrace The Change

Truth be told, your body will undergo some changes during pregnancy and childbirth that might be more permanent than you think. The skin may become loose around the tummy and your breasts may sag a little. But, all of this is perfectly normal so don’t let that dishearten you. Just embrace the new beautiful YOU! And, don’t even think for a second that you can’t wear what you wish to.

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Your body has already given you the most incredible gift ever! So, the least that you can do is to shower yourself with a lot of love and affection. Cheers to you, mommies!

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