6 Things Moms Do During The First Week Of Pregnancy (But Shouldn’t)

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Have you just found out that you are pregnant? Are you finding it hard to control all that joy and excitement? We are sure that you must have numerous things to think about now that the life-changing journey has begun. However, most of you won’t have realized that you are expecting in your first week of pregnancy. This might happen because most of the pregnancy symptoms only start showing up after four weeks. But, for all of you who realized soon after, there are several things that you may want to steer away from. Here, we bring you some of these things:

1. Announce To The World

It is a pretty natural feeling to want to announce your good news to the world, especially to those who are close to you. After all, it is one of the most exhilarating moments that any man and woman can experience. But, this might not be such a good idea. Why? Because, the first trimester of gestation is considered to be a pretty sensitive time for the parents. It is always better to wait until the second trimester to spread the “big” news. But, the silver lining is that you and your partner will have your little secret.

2. Plan To Diet

The weight gain that happens during pregnancy is bound to scare you a little bit. So, it does not come as a surprise that you may want to avoid it at any cost. So, you may be tempted to search online in order to figure out the best diet plans for expecting mothers. But, it is better to not be on a diet during pregnancy as you might miss out on a few key nutrients needed for you and your little one.

3. Don’t Overwork Yourself

You may wish to work as much as possible until the last few days of your pregnancy, hoping to use your maternity leave at that time. Though we agree with the logic, it is important to give yourself rest while your little one is growing inside your womb. After all, your body is undergoing huge transformations with your hormones being all over the place. So, rather than going all out when it comes to your work, give yourself the much-deserved rest. Suppose it seems impossible to take an off from work, try and go to bed as early as possible.

4. Start Painting The Nursery

It is totally understandable that you want to jump right into all the preparations the moment you hear about your pregnancy. You would want to do everything from painting the nursery to buying your little one’s clothes. But, painting the nursery may not be such a healthy and safe idea. While the toxicity level of paint is something that is yet to be determined, it is usually suggested to not take this task upon yourself. And, let someone else take charge.

5. Maternity Clothes Shopping Spree

Yes, we do agree that shopping for maternity clothes can be pretty exciting and fun. And, even more so since the entire idea of maternity clothes has sort of been revolutionized. So, we get how you would want to go crazy shopping even in the initial stages. But, a pregnant woman’s body undergoes as many physical transformations as that of your tiny bundle of joy. Thus, you would want to put a hold to that thought for a while.

6. Wear Those High Heels

Though it is just the first week of your pregnancy, it would be good to be a little cautious. In fact, many also advice against wearing clothes that are too tight. What’s the reason, you ask? This is because it is important to give your body some breathing space. And, of course, it is always better to embrace your comfort. Thus, high heels may not be such a great idea.

Can you also think of a suggestion or a tip that you would like to share with all of us? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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