40 things you will not miss in baby’s first year

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Incredible and sweet newborn baby sleeps in red hat

To be a mother is to never know exactly what tomorrow will be like. On the other hand, these 40 mini-phenomenas, the mothers of babies between 0 and 1 year will necessarily live, right?

The first year of baby … the night!

A few sleepless nights. A good many sleepless nights … Finally, a whole lot of sleepless nights!

Hours to watch him sleep in his little transparent bed. The impression of dreaming

Compulsive checks of his good breathing when he sleeps.

A kind of 1.2.3 sun whose objective is to stop you from moving at the first movement when you enter his room.

The first year of baby … and crying

Tears coming from the little room there.

Tears coming from the little room there even though it’s not there, a phenomenon also called “parental auditory hallucinations”.

The first year of baby … and the photos!

Amazing poses and grim realization in front of the maternity photographer.

A big check to the maternity photographer or guilt equal to about 18 times the amount of the check you did not make.

The first year of baby … and his little health!

The first vaccines, with a much too big needle for such a small arm.

The first year of baby … and your learning (sometimes sucks) of parenthood

The first “Say goodbye to the lady” by waving her arm (to the baby, not to the lady)
“No no no, not in the mouth”, a hundred times a day.

The first haircut home, and the first haircuts.

The song of the little puppets in the head from morning till night.

Shivers in the back each time his head approaches a table, a floor or an object.

The early adolescence crisis. (Also called “He has his little character” period)

The first year … and incredible progress (out of the ordinary, spectacular) of baby


The first smile … … and all the others. The first “Areuh” (the one where you will distinctly hear “Mom”) The first burst of laughter, because it is ticklish. The first teeth, the red cheeks, the temperature that climbs and the desire to take his pain. The first time he raises his head, face down, and the one he turns to. The certainty that he is “way ahead of his age”. The four-legged. Hikes through the house, your index fingers in his tight little hands.

The first year of baby … and first comeback


The anxiety of separation and the end of pee pauses alone.

The interviews of maternal assistants, blackmail and threats to suicide for a place in the nursery.

His return. His crying, sometimes, yours, often.

Your return, with a regurgitation task on the jacket at the shoulder.

The first year of baby … and his diet!

The “plop” of small pots at the opening.

The first puree.

The photos of the first mashed potatoes.

The bib of the first puree.

The taste found baby compotes because we must taste to verify that it is not too hot.

The first year of baby … and the laundry!

T-shirts stained with milk (yours).

T-shirts stained with milk (his) (which he has not quite digested).

The first year of baby … and your little tweezers in the heart

Closed boxes, marked “Birth”, “1 month”, “3 months”.

Some form of nostalgia, already.

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His first Christmas. Your first too long, since this year you start to believe in the magic of all this.

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