4 Annoying Pregnancy Symptoms That Are Actually Good For You

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With pregnancy comes its own share of uncomfortable symptoms, be it heartburn, backaches, or constipation. After all, no one said that pregnancy is going to be easy-breezy. But, did you know that some of these annoying symptoms might actually indicate that your pregnancy is going good and thriving? Yes, some of these are just tell-tale signs suggesting a healthy pregnancy. After all, the easiest way to know how your little one is doing during gestation is via your own health status. Here, we bring you some of those pregnancy symptoms that are, in fact, beneficial for both of you:

1. Tenderness Of Breasts

Your breasts can undergo a transformation of its own during pregnancy. There is an increase in the size of breasts due to the milk glands, as well as fat tissues, becoming enlarged. This can cause the breasts to become firm and tender, especially during the initial and last few months of gestation. The veins might also become bluish due to the increase in blood supply. The nipples also darken slightly, and at times, a thick fluid known as colostrum might leak from it too. It is important to know that all of these changes are natural and suggest that your body is preparing itself for pregnancy and motherhood.

2. Light Spotting

Spotting blood on the underpants or the bedsheet can upset quite a lot of expecting mothers. But, if it happens in the initial few days of gestation, there might not be any reason to worry. Soon after conception, the recently fertilized egg goes and sticks to the uterus’ wall. This results in the occurrence of one of the earliest symptoms of gestation- spotting, which is at times accompanied by cramping. This phenomenon is known as implantation bleeding. It happens somewhere between the sixth and 12th day after conception. Since these cramps resemble so much to the menstrual cramps, many women also mistake it to be menstruation. But, both the bleeding and the cramps will be comparatively slight. The spotting that you observe will either be brown or light pink. But, if the bleeding persists for a long time, do consult a doctor.

3. Morning Sickness

Over 50 percent of soon-to-be mothers experience vomiting and nausea, especially in the first trimester. While the name ‘morning sickness’ suggests otherwise, you can have it at any time in the day. This, in no way, means that your little one is sick and also does not harm either of you. One of the reasons for morning sickness is cited as the sudden increase in your body hormones.

In fact, these frequent bathroom visits may prove to have hidden benefits for both you and your munchkin. As per a new research, the soon-to-be moms who experience morning sickness have comparatively lower chances of having a miscarriage or preterm labor. Additionally, the little ones are also less likely to develop any birth defects and may even have a higher IQ.

4. Increase In Vaginal Discharge

It is pretty common for the vaginal discharge to be more than usual during pregnancy. This primarily happens due to an increase in blood supply and hormones. In fact, towards the end of the third trimester, the little one’s head puts pressure on the cervix, causing the vaginal discharge to become quite heavy. As long as the discharge is odorless, clear, and does not itch, there is nothing to worry about (6).

As you must have realized, all these annoying symptoms actually prove that your pregnancy is on track. So, don’t let this get you all worked up. Just cherish and enjoy this beautiful phase of pregnancy. And, revel in the fact that motherhood awaits you. Good luck, ladies!

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