30 Adorable Toddler Girl Haircuts And Hairstyles

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6. Asymmetrical Bob Cut

Same as regular/classic bob cut, except that hair fringes on one side of the face are longer than the other.

How to:

  1. Follow the same steps as the bob cut. When you arrive at the last step, comb out the hair that runs straight on either side of the face.
  2. Cut one side of the fringe shorter than the other, and.cut diagonally rather than horizontally.
  3. Usually, the fringe closest to the side parting is trimmed. It means if you part the hair on the left side of the head, then you cut short the fringe on the left side.

Face type: Oval, round, narrow, heart-shaped
Hair type: Straight, thin hair

7. Medium Length Cut

The medium cut suits toddler girls with curly hair that parents would like to cut to a more manageable length.

How to:

  1. Form a side partition or middle partition, and comb the hair all the way to the back.
  2. Medium length can touch the shoulders or just be about half an inch away from it. Select the length according to your preference.
  3. Trim the lower end of the hair up to the desired length. Ensure the hair length is the same on both sides and the cut is in a straight line.

Face type: Oval, long
Hair type: Straight, thin, curly

8. Cropped Hair

Cropped hair is convenient to wash, dry, and comb. It may not seem very appealing, but it is quite practical since it is easy to manage.

How to:

  1. Cut the hair short, like a bob cut style. Then run the comb and cut small sections of hair that run through the bristles.
  2. When it comes to the hair around the ears, cut them around and do not leave any on the ears. Also, the side locks should be short and tapering.
  3. Keep cutting till you achieve the desired length. Brush the hair properly once done to check if you have got a uniform cut.

Face type: Round, oval
Hair type: Straight, curly, wavy

9. Boy-Cut Haircut

As the name suggests, the haircut is quite same to that of boys. The boy cut is shorter than bob cut and cropped hair.

How to:

  1. Shampoo and dry the hair. Make a side partition and comb the hair. Begin cutting from the nape, where you take small sections of hair through the bristles and trim them down.
  2. Repeat the same steps on the side. When it comes to the front, comb the hair down the forehead and cut them slowly. Keep the length equal.
  3. Cut the hair around the ears and shorten them. Trim the side locks to make them short and neatly carved. This step differentiates it from cropped hair, where you can leave the side locks long and tapered.

Face type: Oval, round, heart-shaped
Hair type: Straight, wavy

After a set of haircuts to give your toddler, let’s look at some styles that can help you manage the toddler girl’s hair better. Hairstyles ensure that a haircut remains the way it is. That’s not all! Hairstyles add glamor and style to your baby’s face and overall persona.

Toddler Girl Hairstyles

10. Pigtails

This is a quick to comb-and-create hairstyle that is ideal for when you want to send your toddler outdoors such as to a daycare center or a park to play.

How to:

  1. Partition the hair from the side or the center of the head. Run hair equally on either side.
  2. Comb the hair neatly all together to form a pigtail. Bind it firmly in its place with the use of rubber band.

Face type: Round, oval, long
Hair type: Straight, thin, wavy

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