25 Pregnancy Side Effects No One Tells You About

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Pregnancy is an amazing and special time during any mamas life, but it can also surprise the heck out of you. It can be messy and downright crazy.

You know the basics on what to expect like morning sickness, tiredness, and swelling but there are some other not so talked about side effects to being pregnant and that’s what will dive into today. So let’s get to it.

Side Effects Of Pregnancy Know One Talks About

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Orgasms While Sleeping 

Let’s start with my favorite one! Many women have orgasms while sleeping during pregnancy. It’s very common and it happened to me all through my three pregnancies. FUN Right?! Sweet dreams mama!


Headaches are a side effect of the huge hormonal fluctuations that women have during pregnancy and depending on your history with headaches they can be brutal.

Luckily Tylenol is safe during pregnancy but always talk to your doctor first.


Not Being able to poop is another crappy pregnancy symptom that’s no fun. Your doc may prescribe some Miralax or something to help give your body a gentle push in the right direction.

Hot Flashes

We’ve all heard of hot flashes during menopause, but did you know they’re very common during pregnancy too? I would be freezing one minute and feel like I was on fire the next. It’s pretty intense.

This happens because of the hormonal rollercoaster your body is going through while your babe grows. All you can do is push through it, and open a window, even if there is snow on the ground outside.

Yucky Breath

Having bad breath is part of being pregnant and it’s not fun. You’ll have a metallic taste in your mouth non-stop for 9 months. Sort of tastes like pennies. All you can do is brush often and use mouthwash. Good luck with that.

Dizzy Spells

Dizziness is another annoying side effect of being preggers. Some mornings you may wake up and feel like your world is spinning.

Or if you’ve sat for a while and you stand up it can happen. This is known as orthostatic hypotension and it’s caused by changes in your blood pressure. Just make sure you get up slowly and consider that you may feel dizzy so you don’t fall or faint.

All Day Sickness

Morning Sickness? Ha! Many who suffer from nausea have to deal with it all day long, and sometimes at night too. This was one of my first main pregnancy symptoms. I woke up every night around week five to go to the bathroom and when I would stand up I would feel a bit queasy. I just knew I was pregnant and I was.

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