18 Self Care Ideas for Moms-Be The Best Mom!

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Take five minutes or an entire day to revitalize your sense of well-being with these ideas for self-care.

1. Take a shower
So simple, yet such a luxury for busy moms!


2. Wash your face
I’m hooked on this cleansing milk by Juice Beauty- it’s so soothing and really gentle on the eyes for those days where you forget to take your makeup off!

3. Exfoliate
Take five minutes to exfoliate, even if it’s just once a week. There’s no greater sensation than feeling your skin breathe!

My skin is on the dry side so, I have to be careful about the products I use on my face – this chia omega + C radiant skin polish by Andalou Naturals has been great though.

4. Apply a face mask
Such a luxury, right?

This rose stem cell mask is really soothing for dry skin – I put it in the refrigerator to make an application that much more enjoyable.

But here’s the best part – it’s a gel you can leave on overnight.

5. Put on makeup
Don’t worry about getting fancy unless you want to!

You also don’t need to have to go somewhere special to wear makeup.

These days my routine is just filling in my eyebrows and putting on a bit of mascara.

It gives me the boost of confidence I need in case I run into someone I know at the grocery store 😛

6. Style your hair
How long have you been wearing a top knot, mama? I wore one exclusively for about a year and a half – yikes!

Styling my bangs feels great on those days when I have extra time or we have a family event.

Want to try something new without spending a lot of time styling your hair? mix it up with a cute headband like this knotted headband or a boho wrap.

7. Have a cup of coffee
Getting an espresso machine changed our lives – we bought this one at Costco!

I love being able to make an almond milk cappuccino with one click and even better than that is the fact that we quit wasting money on Starbucks. The coffee at home is just way too good.

8. Dance
Search your favorite artist on YouTube, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your favorite tunes and have a dance party.

Wear earbuds at the grocery store, sync your phone to your car and jam on the way to work, or include your kids in the party while you conquer some chores together.

9. Start a new show on Netflix
Sometimes lounging is nice – so, make yourself a healthy snack and turn on a show that interests you!

10. Read a book
Reading just feels good – whether you’re learning or just want a bit of entertainment.

I finished The Little Book of Hygge recently and really enjoyed the tips for happiness it has to offer!

11. Clean your home
There is nothing like having a clean home!

Being able to control your environment feels good when external factors have got you down.

12. Organize your closet
Level 100 mom hack courtesy of my mom: place all of your empty hangers in a designated spot in your closet – bonus points for putting a new hanger there as soon as you remove an item from it!

Now enjoy your new life where hangers are always available when you’re putting away laundry.

We ditched dressers for a more minimal bedroom and hang 99% of our clothes with velvet hangers – they’re slim and clothing doesn’t fall off when you’re putting new clothes away.

More space and less time wasted is always a win in my books!

13. Write a list of goals for the year ahead
Be as modest or dream as big as you like, mama!

Plan crafts, renovations, or career moves – the skies the limit.

14. Create a vision board
This is such an amazing way to get out of your head while creating dreams that feel attainable.

Start a vision board on Pinterest or clip magazines for images that reflect the life you want!

15. Start a blog
This is one that’s close to my heart because it changed my life.

I make money with blogging and social media full-time as a result of starting a blog while I was on bed rest during my first pregnancy!

Blogging is what you make it – if you want to make money, go for it. If you simply want to journal, write your heart out, mama.

Your blog can be about whatever you want and the purpose it serves is entirely up to you!

There is no wrong way to blog and it makes for really amazing self-care – I love what I do and consider work self-care, isn’t that wild?

16. Cook a meal you love
This could be something that your family loves too!

In our household, that’s sviečková, a traditional Slovak dish from my husband’s heritage – cooking this is a two-day event, so it’s definitely an indulgence.

17. Bake a sweet treat
Cheesecake is a personal favorite for us! How about you?

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18. Make plans with a friend
With or without the kids, hanging out with another adult is a great means of social self-care.

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