13 Ways To Cope With Labor Pain Without An Epidural

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Many women are very fearful of the pain of childbirth. Yet they want to experience it as naturally as possible. After all, women are made to create and birth babies and have done it since the beginning of time. 

It’s a great honor to experience childbirth in all its true glory and it makes you feel strong. 

But as great as all that sounds, that doesn’t make it any less scary. What you can do though is prepare yourself well.

There’s an arsenal of tools you can use and some alternatives to Epidurals that will allow you to have the experience more fully without being paralyzed temporarily from the waist down. 

A Note to You: If you end up needing an Epidural then that’s ok too. It’s a choice and if you end up going that route don’t beat yourself up for it. The most important thing is getting the baby here safely. If you do want to learn more about Epidurals as well then read this post.

So let’s talk about your options for coping with Childbirth. 

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In the Hospital Woman in Labor Pushes to Give Birth, Obstetricians Assisting, Husband Holds Her Hand for Support. Modern Maternity Ward with Professional Midwives.

Massage Balls For Counterpressure

Massage balls can be used to provide distraction or they can be put in certain places where you feel the pain the most to apply counterpressure. Your Partner or Doula can apply the pressure while you’re having contractions.

It’s a simple technique but it does really help!

Use Music

Music effects how people feel and it’s an excellent tool to use during labor. There are even a few studies that have tested the theory that music is good for pain management and they were done on women in childbirth.

So bring some good soft music. Or bring some metal if you like, just whatever it takes to help get you where you’re going. 

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Take A Course

Taking a course is the best way to prepare for labor hands down. It’s helpful for so many reasons but especially for pain management. 

You’ll learn different coping strategies that could mean the difference in a natural birth or a drugged birth. You can easily take a course online, there are lots of options.

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