125 Beautiful Stylish and Modern Baby Boy Names

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  • Aaban Name of the Angel
  • Aadavan Literally meaning the sun, let your son shine like its radiance
  • Aagney One who is born from fire (Son of the fire); Karna, The great warrior, Son of Fire
  • Aakaar Form, Shape
  • Aakav Short and simple it means a “form or shape.”
  • Aamirah Inhabitant
  • Aashman Son of the sun
  • Abbot It’s vintage without being out of date and means ‘father’.
  • Abhibhava Victorious, powerful, and overpowering
  • Abhimand Gladdening
  • Adair It means ‘fortunate and powerful’.
  • Ajinkya Invincible, Supreme, One who cannot be defeated
  • Alec Defender of mankind
  • Alif The first character in Hijaiyah
  • Amr An old Arabic name
  • Aranya Originating from Sanskrit, the name means forest
  • Aubrey An English name meaning ‘power’ or ‘fair ruler of the people
  • Balamohan One who is attractive, The younger one who is attractive; Young Krishna

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  • Barun Lord of the Sea, the name brings a tranquil effect
  • Bashir A harbinger of good and positive things
  • Bhadrak King of Anga according to the Puranas, the name also means handsome, brave, and kind
  • Bishr Joy, Happiness, and gaiety
  • Brahmadutt Dedicated to Brahma, Dedicated to Lord Brahma; Devoted to Lord Brahma
  • Bryant Strong, powerful
  • Chahel Cheerful and happy
  • Chaitya Perceivable
  • Chandramauli Lord Shiva, The one who wears Moon on head, Meaning Lord Shiva;
  • Charun A great alternative to the common name Varun it means “ one who has beautiful eyes”.
  • Chitral It means of a variety of colours
  • Chitrarath Another name for the Sun
  • Cole Prince of Red Roses
  • Connor Over of hounds
  • Cordero Lamb
  • Daiwik Grace of God

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  • Daniel God is my Judge
  • Danish To be merciful, forgiving, and clever
  • Deekshant Gift of God
  • Deveshwar Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva, Lord of the devas
  • Dhir Your child will value patience and persistence if named this name as it means, “perseverance”
  • Ebadaah “Prayer to the omniscient Allah.”
  • Ehit If your little one is a Prince Charming in the looks department, then this should add smiles to his persona. Ehit means “ever-smiling”
  • Ekachith Someone with just one mind, this name is an ideal Hindu name
  • Ekadant Another name of Lord Ganesha
  • Erish To cherish
  • Faaris Horseman and knight, this name will bring a sense of valour to your little one
  • Fanishwar Another name for the Lord of Serpents – Vasuki, it has a deep significance to the Supreme Lord in Hinduism
  • Fintan This spectacular Irish name means ‘white fire’.
  • Fravash Name your angel as the “guardian angel”
  • Frey With its Scandinavian origin, it means the “exalted one”
  • Fuad Heart
  • Gadin One of the many names of Lord Krishna, it is a different and unusual name if you want to name your child after a Lord
  • Garrett It means spear strength’
  • Garry Meaning “a spear”
  • Grahish One who is the Lord of the Planets, this name could help your star write his own destiny

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